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The Chicken Bone Broth


Bone Broth has been used for ages as a traditional Indian method of supporting the complete body and restoring vitality from the inside out.

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We prepare chicken bone broth with complete care, using ingredients, purified water, chickens bones, Vegetables , exotic herbs & spices are processed with traditional brewing methods and with modern technology allowing the nutrients in the bones – {collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and other amino acids & minerals} to concentrates and release into the water. And that’s how we create nutrient-dense Golden Tonic.

When making this tonic we are committed to staying as true as possible to the traditional Indian brewing methods of our ancestors. We use natural  ingredients and fine-tune our processing times to make sure the Tonic contains the maximum amount of collagen and nutrients.

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  1. Immune Support – Boosts Immune system
  2. Collagen Rich – Collagen + Gelatine builds and repairs the GI tract
  3. Supports Weight Loss – Contains amino acids that boosts metabolism
  4. Protein Packed – Tonic preserves natural protein per serving
  5. Boosts Metabolism – Avoids fat formation and optimizes nutrient absorption
  6. Detoxifies Liver & Digestive System – Boosts detoxifying agent, antioxidant glutathione
  7. Makes Your Skin Glow – Collagen strengthens and smoothens skin tissues
  8. Improves Eye Vision – with Vitamin A
  9. Stabilizes Blood Pressure – Avoids hypertension
  10. Stabilizes Diabetes – Manages blood sugar level
  11. Improves Cognitive Function – helps neurotransmission and improves mood
  12. Aids in Recovery – Excellent to aid in recovery from illness

Suggested Diet Plan

The 28 Days Diet Plan

First 4-days fasting involves eating during 12-hour window, and fasting for the remaining 12 hours

Second 21-days fasting involves eating during 8-hour window, and fasting for the remaining 16 hours

Last 3-days repeat the first 4-days steps.

This diet plan supports gut health and weight loss. These days, intermittent fasting is a cornerstone of many popular diets and to maximize the potential health benefits of your diet, it’s important to stick to nutritious balanced diet and beverages during your eating periods you can drink warm water with lime & Honey, Coconut water, Watermelon, Green Coffee, Green Tea and other zero-calorie beverages during the fast, which can help reduce feelings of hunger.

Additionally, to maximize the potential health benefits of your diet, it’s important to stick to nutritious balanced diet and beverages during your eating periods.

Direction to use

The best way to enjoy chicken bone broth is to use it the original way. All you have to do is just pour the chicken bone broth into a pan, simmer it for five minutes, garnished with fresh coriander leaves/spices or to your taste and serve hot.

You can also use it in your favourite recipes or try enhancing up the flavour of your rice dishes, like biriyanis.


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